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The Background

When faced with the challenge of amplifying the positive impacts in the public housing communities of our city, our team at Newviews Productions took a profound and unique approach. We believed that the most effective way to instigate change was not merely by introducing new elements, but by highlighting the commendable work already in play.


Our solution was to create transparent, authentic media that not only celebrates the contributions being made but also fosters trust by allowing constituents to truly see the efforts undertaken on their behalf. By illuminating these stories, we aim to cultivate a greater sense of community, pride, and understanding amongst all residents.

Project Type

Campaign Development

Film Production


The Goals:
Tell The Story. 
Raise Awareness.
Increase Donations.

A New Sheriff in Town

During our contract with RRHA, they ushered in a new era with the appointment of a fresh CEO. Recognizing the importance of a smooth transition, we devised a video introduction that not only familiarized the public with this pivotal change but also showcased his innovative agenda. This visual narrative was crafted to instill confidence, spotlighting the CEO's vision while assuring residents of a continued commitment to excellence

The Ask RRHA

The Ask

We were presented with a question that resonated deeply with our mission: 'How can we make a larger impact in the public housing communities in our city?' This inquiry challenged us to look beyond traditional methods and reevaluate how genuine, lasting influence can be achieved. It wasn't just about designing a campaign or crafting a message; it was about understanding the heartbeat of these communities, their aspirations, and their unmet needs. With this profound question as our compass, we embarked on a journey to create media solutions that not only amplify voices but also foster meaningful connections and drive transformative change in public housing environments across the city."

Increasing Donations

A paramount objective of our contract was to galvanize donations. Recognizing the power of impactful storytelling, we produced a compelling video tailored to this concern. Our visual narrative artfully conveyed the pressing needs and potential outcomes of generous contributions, aiming to inspire and engage potential donors. Through this initiative, we sought to bridge the gap between intent and action, turning empathy into tangible support, raising over $50,000 for RRHA

Our Process RRHA

Our Proccess

Navigating the challenge, our approach was threefold: First, through Campaign Development, we charted a strategic roadmap, identifying key messages and audience touchpoints to maximize outreach. Then, leveraging Film Production, we crafted a compelling visual narrative that not only underscored the need for donations but also resonated emotionally with potential donors, showcasing real stories and tangible outcomes. Finally, with expert Copywriting, we honed the message ensuring clarity, appeal, and a strong call to action, which in tandem with our video, compelled viewers to contribute. Together, these pillars ensured a holistic and effective push towards our donation-driven objective.

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