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AFA Air, Space & Cyber Confence

The Background

When presented with the intriguing challenge: 'Can we provide daily news coverage of the AFA 2023 conference?', our team immediately embraced the opportunity. Recognizing the rapid pace and dynamic nature of the conference, we implemented a streamlined process, fusing state-of-the-art technology with our seasoned video journalism expertise. Our mission was clear: to ensure attendees and interested parties alike received timely, insightful updates from the event. Through our dedicated efforts, we delivered daily insights, capturing the essence and vibrancy of AFA 2023 in real-time.

Project Type

Daily News Coverage

Film Production


Featured Companies

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The Ask govexec

The Ask

Can we provide daily news coverage of the AFA 2023 conference? With a clear objective to deliver timely and insightful updates, we captured the essence and vibrancy of AFA 2023, ensuring both attendees and interested parties stayed informed and engaged with the event's unfolding narratives."

Creative govexec
Our Process GovExec

Our Process 

To achieve the task of providing daily news coverage for the AFA 2023 conference, our team at Newviews Productions set up a dedicated onsite command center, equipped with advanced digital tools for real-time data capture and content creation. Every day, a nimble team of journalists and videographers canvassed the conference, conducting interviews, attending keynotes, and capturing essential moments. We then streamlined this raw content, with editors working in tandem to curate daily highlights. Using our specialized content management system, updates were rapidly disseminated across digital platforms, ensuring a fresh, timely recap awaited our audience each evening.

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