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from the Office of Congressman Donald McEachin

The Background

Despite the U.S.'s wealth, its infrastructure lags, often overlooking low-income and communities of color. President Biden's American Jobs Plan proposed a $20 billion investment to rectify these past mistakes, emphasizing racial equity and community reconnection.


A case in point is Richmond's Jackson Ward, divided by the Richmond-Petersburg Turnpike's construction in the 1950s. As an advocate for equitable development, Rep. McEachin co-sponsored H.R. 2833, aiming to allocate $15 billion to mend the impacts of such infrastructural projects, ensuring all communities can thrive.

Project Type

Film Production

Community Storytelling




The Ask

To accomplish the goals of the project, we delivered a strategic campaign plan; an individual video centerd around Jackson Ward in Richmond that addressed the shortcomings of the past and President Biden's Plan to recify those shortcomings. In the 1950s, the construction of the Richmond-Petersburg Turnpike (now Interstate 95) as part of the Federal-Aid Highway Act of 1965 bisected this thriving community. The construction destroyed landmarks, businesses, and significantly affected residents, also leading to environmental and health issues.

Image by Mayer Tawfik
Our Process

Our Process 

Through the creation of our video, we successfully illuminated the historical oversight in U.S. infrastructure decisions that disproportionately impacted low-income and communities of color. By spotlighting the transformative potential of President Biden's American Jobs Plan, particularly its emphasis on racial equity and community reconnection, the video highlighted the stark contrasts between past mistakes and proposed solutions. Richmond's Jackson Ward served as a poignant example of neighborhoods affected by ill-conceived infrastructural projects. This visual narrative not only elevated the urgent need for equitable development but also showcased our commitment to advocate for meaningful policy changes that benefit every community.

The Creative


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