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The Background

In an era where the allure of Nike SBs has taken the world by storm, bolstered by celebrity endorsements and the feverish hype surrounding each release, a pivotal question arose in our minds: Amidst this tidal wave of attention, who’s narrating the story of the passionate enthusiast, the dedicated retailer who braves long nights and cold mornings to camp out for that prized pair?


The unsung heroes who, in many ways, are the backbone of this phenomenon. Determined to shine a light on these stories, we approached Nike SB with a novel concept – to chronicle the journey of the ‘little guy,’ beginning in the heart of DC. Our mission was to unveil the dedication, the passion, and the community spirit that often goes unnoticed but is integral to the very fabric of sneaker culture.

Project Type

Film Production

Social Storytelling

Digital Ad Campaign




Organic Social Media Campaign

Creative Direction

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The Creative


At Newviews Productions, our strategic approach to storytelling drives our campaigns, as demonstrated in "In Your Neighborhood," our long-form marketing campaign for Nike SB. We recognize the power of showcasing authentic stories and their impact on a brand's audience. With "In Your Neighborhood," we illuminated the journeys of local skaters across different regions starting in the DMV, celebrating the deep relationship Nike SB shares with its community. This campaign highlighted how these connections transcend conventional brand-consumer dynamics, revealing the powerful cultural impact Nike SB has. By weaving personal and professional experiences together, we crafted a coherent story that aligns perfectly with Nike SB’s vision of inspiring and nurturing new skaters. Our long-form content brought the brand's rich history and culture to life, spotlighted multiple products, and seamlessly aligned with Nike SB’s marketplace initiatives. In every campaign, we deliver captivating stories that resonate deeply, build trust, and inspire meaningful engagement.

Creative Direction

In crafting the visual narrative for "In Your Neighborhood," our goal was to capture the Cobie at DMV skate spots as authentically as possible. We understood that each location holds unique significance for the local skateboarding community, and we sought to reflect that in every frame. Our creative direction aimed to portray the raw and real experiences of skaters in their natural environments, showcasing their passion and dedication in spaces where they've formed lifelong memories and connections.

We emphasized authenticity by prioritizing candid moments over posed shots, allowing the him to express himself naturally. Our visual storytelling emphasized the distinctive character of each skate spot while celebrating the individuals who make these places their own. This approach ensured that the campaign conveyed the true spirit of the DMV skateboarding scene, further strengthening the bond between Nike SB and its community by resonating with skaters and audiences alike.


Short Form Video

To maximize the impact of our long-form "In Your Neighborhood" video for Nike SB, we strategically utilized short-form video content to generate excitement and guide viewers toward the main feature. These shorter videos served as teasers, offering a glimpse into the skateboarding culture, camaraderie, and passion that permeate the DMV skate spots.

Each short-form video focused on capturing dynamic moments from the skaters' journeys, blending fast-paced tricks, behind-the-scenes glimpses, and high-energy soundtracks. This created a compelling, shareable format that not only built anticipation but also effectively broadened the campaign's reach across social media platforms. By enticing viewers with these curated snippets, we cultivated curiosity and encouraged them to seek out the comprehensive story presented in the full-length video.

In this way, the short-form content acted as a funnel, drawing viewers in and directing them to the longer "In Your Neighborhood" feature. This strategy helped sustain momentum throughout the campaign, ensuring that our storytelling resonated with a wider audience while ultimately leading them toward a deeper engagement with the brand.

Regional Impact Through Experiential and Traditional Marketing

To ensure the regional impact of "In Your Neighborhood" resonated deeply within local communities, we crafted an integrated experiential and traditional marketing proposal. This approach centered on leveraging the authentic content gathered during our photo shoots and video recordings at DMV skate spots to create a tangible presence in those very communities. Our proposal included mockups for billboards and transit advertising, specifically targeting high-traffic areas like metro stops and subway stations frequented by our primary audience. The idea was to place tailored ads in strategic locations across different local markets, ensuring that each piece felt personalized and directly relevant to the viewers in that region.

To further enhance local engagement, we planned for experiential marketing events that would bring the campaign to life. These events were designed to create a physical space where local skaters could connect, share their experiences, and celebrate their community’s unique skate culture. We introduced the hashtag #NikeSBIYN to unify the campaign across different media and encourage people to share their own "steez" and Nike SB stories. This hashtag served as a digital rallying point, inviting skaters to contribute to a growing gallery of local style and pride, further amplifying the campaign’s reach and impact on a personal level.

By combining experiential elements with strategically placed traditional ads, "In Your Neighborhood" not only captured the authenticity of the local skate scenes but also fostered a stronger, more engaged community around Nike SB’s brand.

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The Results


Our Process

We understood the profound impact of digital engagement in today's world, though underutilized in the political sector. Our team devised a strategic social media plan tailored to the growing trends across the country and unique needs in Henrico County. Through curated content, targeted ad campaigns, and interactive posts, we aimed to not only amplify Misty's brand presence but also drive tangible results in political awareness. By leveraging analytics and real-time feedback, our efforts sought to transform virtual interactions into real-world votes on Election Day.

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More Projects

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