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Nike SB
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The Background

In an era where the allure of Nike SBs has taken the world by storm, bolstered by celebrity endorsements and the feverish hype surrounding each release, a pivotal question arose in our minds: Amidst this tidal wave of attention, who’s narrating the story of the passionate enthusiast, the dedicated retailer who braves long nights and cold mornings to camp out for that prized pair?


The unsung heroes who, in many ways, are the backbone of this phenomenon. Determined to shine a light on these stories, we approached Nike SB with a novel concept – to chronicle the journey of the ‘little guy,’ beginning in the heart of DC. Our mission was to unveil the dedication, the passion, and the community spirit that often goes unnoticed but is integral to the very fabric of sneaker culture.

Project Type

Film Production

Social Storytelling

Digital Ad Campaign




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