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NIKESB "In Your Neighborhood"

"In Your Neighborhood" celebrates the vibrant skate culture across the DMV region through a compelling mix of long-form and short-form video content. Utilizing authentic visual storytelling, the campaign features local skaters in their natural environments, fostering a deep connection between Nike SB and its community.


Redefining Legacy: The RPS School Renaming Journey

We were asked: Tell the stories, of the decisions, and the community engagement that shaped this significant chapter in RPS history of Renaming their schools.

Newviews Productions answered: Delivering stunning visuals and a quality campaign.

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GovEXEC, AFA Air, Space, & Cyber Conference Coverage

We were asked: Can we provide daily news coverage of the AFA 2023 conference?

Newviews Productions answered: Delivering stunning visuals and quality coverage of the Conference.


RRHA, Hope, Jobs, and Security 

We were asked: How can we make a larger impact in the public housing communities in our city?

How Newviews Productions answered: By shining a light on all the positive you already do and creating transparent media that lets your constituents see that.

Successful Teenagers

Henrico Adult Education, Social Media Management

We were asked: Can we manage Henrico Adult Educations social media to increase brand recognition and class registrations and signups?

Newviews Productions answered: Through curated content, targeted campaigns, and interactive posts, we aimed to not only amplify their brand presence but also drive tangible results in class enrollments.

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