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MLK Jr. Day

The Background

Launched in anticipation of Martin Luther King Jr. Day in 2023, our project focused on the enduring legacy of Dr. King and his influence on contemporary political leaders in the Richmond, VA community. Through an accompanying video series, we aimed to demonstrate the profound impact that MLK's ideals and beliefs have on the public service ethos of our local politicians. From stories of societal reform to grassroots activism, we unearth the ways in which MLK's dream continues to shape local politics. Our 2023 campaign served as a poignant reminder of MLK's continuing influence, while promoting civic engagement and furthering an understanding of local political motivations and aspirations.

Project Type

Campaign Development


Film Production

Social Strategy




The Ask

To accomplish the goals of the project, the Newviews Productions team delivered a strategic campaign plan; an individual video for each politician that led into the full video piece detailing the impact of MLK on Local leaders. Through the lens of each politician to show their personal inspirations from Dr. MLK Jr. that led them to run for office.

Our Process

Our Process 

Newviews Productions Staff identified numerous diverse politicians among The Commonwealth's existing elected officials and conducted interviews with each to uncover their “whys” and the most compelling and human pieces of their stories.

The Creative

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