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The Background

In a groundbreaking digital social media marketing campaign for Misty Whitehead's bid in the Three Chopt Board of Supervisors race in Henrico County, our team demonstrated the immense potential of digital platforms in political campaigns. Facing a daunting challenge, Whitehead, a first-time candidate, was up against an eight-year incumbent in a historically Republican district, where the previous holder had been in office for 32 years. Despite being outspent 7 to 1, our strategy deviated from conventional methods, focusing exclusively on leveraging social media channels and advertising on Facebook and Google Ads. We made the decision to completely forgo traditional physical literature. Not sending out a SINGLE MAILER.

This innovative approach, initially met with immense amounts of skepticism, proved to be a historic success. Misty Whitehead not only won the election, but also broke significant barriers, becoming the first woman and the first Filipino American/Asian American to be elected to the Board of Supervisors. Her victory, marking only the second time a woman has been elected to the board, underscores the effectiveness of digital social media marketing in political campaigns, challenging traditional campaign norms and showcasing the power of a well-strategized digital campaign in overcoming significant odds and achieving remarkable results.

Project Type

Campaign Development

Social Media Management

Social Strategy

Content Creation


The ask Misty

The Goals:
Tell Her Story. 
Demystify Her Platform.
Raise Awareness.

The Results

Proccess Misty

Our Process

We understood the profound impact of digital engagement in today's world, though underutilized in the political sector. Our team devised a strategic social media plan tailored to the growing trends across the country and unique needs in Henrico County. Through curated content, targeted ad campaigns, and interactive posts, we aimed to not only amplify Misty's brand presence but also drive tangible results in political awareness. By leveraging analytics and real-time feedback, our efforts sought to transform virtual interactions into real-world votes on Election Day.

Creative Misty

Digital vs. Print

Recognizing that Whitehead was a newcomer in politics and significantly out-financed by her incumbent opponent, we needed a unique approach. We leveraged social media platforms to create a narrative that was not only compelling but also transparent and relatable. This approach was instrumental in bridging the gap between Whitehead and the electorate. By focusing on clear, personalized messaging that resonated with voters’ values and concerns, we not only countered the conventional disadvantages of newcomer, but also cemented her image as a relatable, trustworthy figure, crucial for her unprecedented victory. This strategy underlined the importance of honest and targeted communication in altering the landscape of political campaigns, especially in challenging traditional campaign paradigms. 


Our design team played a critical role in this success by crafting visually appealing and impactful designs that not only caught the eye of voters but also communicated Whitehead's platform in a clear, engaging manner. The designer skillfully balanced aesthetics with functionality, ensuring that each piece of digital content, whether it was an ad, a social media post, or an infographic, was not only visually striking but also easy to understand and relatable. This approach was crucial in a campaign where every interaction counted, particularly given the unconventional strategy of relying solely on digital media in place of traditional mailers. The designer's ability to translate complex political ideas into accessible, visually captivating graphics helped demystify Whitehead's campaign for a diverse electorate, contributing significantly to building a strong, relatable brand identity for her. This emphasis on high-quality graphic design was not just about aesthetics; it was a strategic choice that played a vital role in making history, proving that in the realm of digital political campaigning, good design is as powerful as the message it conveys.

Misty graphic.png
misty g2.png

Short Form Video

Recognizing the increasing preference for brief, engaging video content, especially amongst younger and more digitally savvy voters, we strategically incorporated short-form videos as a cornerstone of our communication strategy. These videos, concise yet packed with impactful messaging, were tailored to capture attention in mere seconds, effectively conveying Whitehead's policies, personal stories, and campaign milestones. We leveraged platforms like Facebook and Instagram, where short-form content thrives, ensuring maximum reach and engagement. The videos varied in style - from direct addresses by Whitehead to dynamic infographics - each designed to educate, inspire, and mobilize viewers. This approach not only amplified our campaign’s visibility, but also allowed for more intimate and immediate connection with the electorate, breaking down complex political issues into digestible, shareable content. This strategic use of short-form videos significantly contributed to the campaign’s success, proving their efficacy in modern political communication, where capturing and retaining audience attention is as crucial as the message itself.


The strategic use of an explainer/long-form video in Misty Whitehead's campaign played a pivotal role in shaping her public image and was central to our digital strategy. Understanding the power of storytelling in political campaigns, we crafted a comprehensive video titled "Who is Misty Whitehead?" that served as the crux of our campaign, offering voters a deep, initial insight into her persona. This video detailed her compelling backstory, including her family's immigration journey from the Philippines, her accomplished career as a lawyer, and, most importantly, her motivations for running for office. This narrative approach allowed us to present Misty not just as a candidate, but as a person with a rich, relatable history and a clear vision for the future. The video's longer format was key in providing a detailed, nuanced portrayal of Misty, which shorter content often cannot capture. By weaving her personal and professional experiences into a coherent story, we effectively communicated her values, her understanding of the community's needs, and her commitment to public service. This long-form video became a cornerstone of our digital presence, resonating with a wide audience and establishing a strong emotional connection with voters, crucial for building trust and support in a political campaign.

It's just what we do

At our agency, we pride ourselves on not only delivering high-quality content for our clients but also fostering a positive and dynamic work environment that resonates in every project we undertake. This dual focus on excellence in output and workplace culture was vividly reflected in our collaboration with Misty Whitehead for her Board of Supervisors campaign. Our team's creativity, dedication, and professional expertise culminated in a campaign that exceeded expectations, blending innovative strategies with compelling storytelling. The satisfaction and success of our clients are our top priorities, and Misty Whitehead's experience with us is a testament to this commitment. She was immensely pleased with the work we delivered, citing our team’s ability to effectively capture and communicate her story and vision. To witness firsthand the impact of our collaborative efforts and the positive feedback from Misty herself, we invite you to watch her testimonial video below. Her words not only underscore the quality of our work but also reflect the vibrant, supportive atmosphere we cultivate within our team, which we believe is fundamental to our success.

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